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Tax Season is Here

Today I interviewed by phone for a tax preparation job in Vancouver. It was with an accounting company. I do not know if they will offer me a job or not. The job was preparing T1 returns. They did not seem to be interested in my experience preparing 1040s.

US taxes are much more complex than Canadian taxes. This is because individual US legislators can add complexities to the tax code. This is usually done to provide a benefit to either a campaign contributor or a constituent. In Canada only the Finance Minister can add a complication.

The US taxes their citizens no matter where in the world they live. The only other country that does this is Eritrea. The US provides a system of deductions for earned income in other countries.

I have only ever seen 2 US citizens living in Canada who had to pay US tax after figuring their Canadian taxes. This is because they can treat their Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance as taxes. The only ones who have to pay are usually only in this category because they have made a capital gain that is taxable at a higher rate in the US.

If you want a price quotation give me an idea of the type and number of information slips. If you have financial accounts outside the US and the maximum value of these accounts is more than 10,000 I need to know how many of these accounts you have.

If you want to send me your job to do, do not send originals. Send only copies. Better yet, instead of sending me copies, use your printer-scanner to make images, then send me the images attached to an email. This simplifies the whole process.

I will prepare the returns and send them back to you as PDF files so that you can print them out, sign them and send them in. I can efile Canadian returns now. I hope to be able to efile US returns in late March but it is not possible to determine when the IRS will give me permission. It is to their advantage to have forms efiled because it means that they do not have to input them manually. I should note here that the Canada Revenue Agency charges tax preparation firms $25 per return for handling paper returns unless the firm prepares only a small number of returns.

It is very important to determine if your financial accounts outside the US add up to 10,000 or more. For this purpose take the maximum value that each account had during the year. Often if you take out a loan the loan amount appears in your checking or savings account for only a few minutes but this still counts for determining the limit.

If the total of the maximum value of each account comes over 10,000 then you need to include every financial account that you have signing authority for, even tiny ones like your gardening club, your kid’s Boy Scout troop, or anything like that.