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Notice to 1040 Extension Filers

If you filed an extension form in April you are expected to send in a complete form 1040 by the middle of October. There is not much time left. If you want me to do it for you please scan the relevant documents and email me the scans. I will prepare the form and send it to you in pdf format. You will print it, sign it and mail it. I recommend making a paper copy as well but this is up to you. Please send the information as soon as possible so that we will have time to exchange emails about anything that is not clear. I would hate to have you miss a deduction because I did not ask enough questions.

Let me remind you that I will need to know about any changes from last year. These changes include marriages, divorces etc. For the last few years the IRS have been stating that if you were married legally in any jurisdiction and have not been divorced you are still married, whether or not your state of residence accepts marriages like yours. This applies to same-sex marriages and heterosexual marriages.

I need to know the name of the county that you live in to make sure that I calculate the sales tax deduction correctly.  Please send me a copy of last year’s form 1040 so that I can get all of your dependents and their Social Insurance Numbers correctly.

If the form seems to be especially complex I will let you know my preparation fee before filling it in. Otherwise I will ask for the average price that is paid in the US.