Medical Insurance

I want to tell you about a few things that can happen in medical insurance and provide a little guidance in case you need it. This is a big complex subject so it is easy, and very expensive, to make a mistake.

In Canada medical insurance is run by the provinces, not the federal government. You must actually be living in a province for more than half the year to participate in their insurance. There are provisions for someone moving from one province to another.

A few years ago one province printed forms saying that you had to live there 153 days in a year, but I believe that they meant 183 days and their stuff was not proofread very well.

There have been cases where a person normally had a couple of seasonal jobs in different provinces and was not eligible for government insurance at all. There have been cases where a person lived in the US and commuted to a job in Canada. He or she paid for government medical insurance in Canada but was not entitled to collect on it. In these cases a person who has received medical care can receive a large bill for it.

Quite a while ago a socialist government was elected in Ontario. True to socialist dogma, they eliminated individual payments for medical care and put the bill onto those awful employers. This caused a couple of predictable results. Less people were hired, and the number of people insured went up to 105% of the population. A Chicago police officer told me that every time she had to search anyone from a particular European country the person searched had an Ontario medical insurance card.

There are a few things that you should know whether you are insured or not. You should know exactly where the nearest emergency room is and how to get to it. This requires that you actually go there. People have died because they followed a road that was on a map but either did not really exist or had been permanently closed. You do not want to spend precious time looking for a hospital when you really need one.

If you have a heart attack while you are alone in your car it is recommended that you cough as deeply as you can and keep on coughing until you are inside the emergency room. If you doubt the wisdom of this advice look into it now, not while you are having a heart attack.

The fine that you have to pay if you are in the US and not covered by Obamacare will go up very sharply for the next couple of years. This is in line with the reasoning that a successful government power grab will show the benefits before the next election and the costs sometime after, but hopefully soon enough that the voters will forget it before the following election.

The question arises of what to do if you are uninsured or have a high deductible on your medical insurance. First you must understand that the medical education system was kidnapped by the pharmaceutical industry a century ago. Doctors are trained to write prescriptions for all patients. Their education in non-pharmaceutical treatments is missing, in fact they are trained to believe that these are dangerous and ineffective. Once they have left school and gone into practice they are expected to spend all of their time writing prescriptions and filling out insurance forms, which are set up to discourage any treatment that does not benefit the pharmaceutical industry.

If you are uninsured or underinsured please start following the medical columns on the Internet, with special emphasis on those which describe any ailments that you may have. Start with Mark Hyman and his comments on diet and supplements.

Consider, for a moment, the most expensive medical procedures.

A few months ago a Florida doctor wrote, for publication, that all of cardiology is fraud. I am sure that his legal team is very busy. I have heard at least 2 people tell me that they went to a cardiologist and each was told that he had a badly clogged artery, he was a walking time bomb, and he could collapse and die on his way to the parking lot. His artery was so badly clogged that he had to be operated on early the following morning. There was no time to consider or to get a second opinion.

Some studies have said that getting a heart bypass operation does not increase your life expectancy and that most of the people who have this operation cannot possibly benefit from it. Estimates of the number who could potentially benefit range from as low as 3 % to as high as 17 %. If you are concerned about your arteries being clogged consider looking up EDTA. It also removes many heavy metals from the body, especially lead. It does not require 2 or 3 months of convalescence or cause memory loss. Cost is very minimal.

Many people are afraid of cancer. If you are one of them look up Ty Bollinger and his series The Truth About Cancer. The first cancer cure to be popularized was the Johanna Budwig treatment, developed about 60 years ago. A doctor who Ty Bollinger interviewed stated that this treatment had been used on 2200 terminal cancer patients and cured over 80 % of them. Cost is about $40 a month. It is so cheap that I took it for a couple of months as a general tonic when I felt blah.

By contrast chemotherapy can cost up to $30,000 a month. Cure rates with it have run as high as 2 % in the US but only 1 % in Australia.